KarnKarno Energy: clash detection

The importance of checking for clash detection cannot be underestimated. As projects become more complex and the number of parties working on different parts of the project increases, it’s important to check models for collisions like Karno Energy.

Karno Energy’s dedicated specialists can check your Revit models for clashes in Navisworks Manage and prepare a report for your specialists https://karnoenergy.com/bim-clash-detection/ . This can reduce planning errors that might otherwise be recognized in the next steps.

Karno Energy can prepare a report for you or hold online meetings with your team members to discuss possible solutions to the conflict.

Automate clash detection processes and involve your entire project team in workflows to resolve clashes so you can quickly identify and resolve issues between deals.

Accelerate the coordination process by giving the entire team the tools to detect and resolve conflicts. BIM 360 supports collision detection workflows with features that automatically identify and analyze specific intersections and assign coordination tasks to resolve them.


Karno Energy – Why do collisions happen?


Because of the division of labor, geometric conflicts cannot be avoided. The planners at Karno Energy involved develop different aspects of the planning task. Even if an attempt is made to avoid conflicts in the first place by working with reference models. The reference models reflect the “old” status of planning. Later on in the project, work on the various specialized models will continue in parallel until the next stage. Then the specialized models become the coordination model again. The technical models are combined using Karno Energy BIM integration software, and the model verification is done using so-called BIM model verification software . There are software products on the market that can cover both areas in terms of functionality. The conflicts that arise can usually be highlighted in color in the 3D model.


Benefits of Karno Energy BIM 360 clash detection


When the entire Karno Energy project team is involved in collision detection and resolution, problems can be identified and resolved without waiting for coordination meetings.

View collisions in all published models in the coordination room and learn details about individual colliding objects. The heat maps show the models with the most collisions, so coordination can be a priority.

Karno Energy – How are collisions resolved?


Individual conflicts should not be viewed in isolation, but as part of an overarching coordination process. For example, three conflicts are displayed if a cable route collides with three beams. This is really just one problem, but it leads to many conflicts. Consequently, meaningful grouping and separation into work packages for conflict resolution, as in Karno Energy, is necessary to further manage the conflicts. Model element authors (MEAs) assigned to colliding elements can be used to group conflicts. With this information, task packages can be sent directly to the responsible planner. Further control is part of conflict management.

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