7Reels Casino – Live Casino

7Reels Casino also offers the opportunity to play live casino games. From the comfort of your own chair, at your computer, tablet or phone, you can log into this live casino and sit down at the table of the game you want to play. With live images, you can follow exactly what’s happening at the table and what the live dealer is doing. These live images come from casinos in Malta. At 7reels casino login, you can play from 10:00 to 5:00. You can choose from games such as live roulette, live blackjack and live punto banco. What’s really nice is that you can talk to the dealer via chat, so that the game will not only be fun, but also very enjoyable.


7Reels Casino: Jackpot Games


Since 7Reels Casino plays NetEnt games, you also have the option at 7Reels Casino to choose jackpot games. This makes playing such a game even more fun and exciting. Jackpots in these games range from several hundred to tens of thousands of euros. This is due to the fact that the same game is played in several casinos, and several people bet in this game, increasing the jackpot. 7Reels Casino has a special jackpot page where you can see which games have jackpots. You can also see the total jackpot for all games, as well as the jackpot size for each game. This gives you the choice of playing for the biggest pot or playing a jackpot game you already know.


7Reels Casino: English speaking customer service


After reading the above, are you still unsure if something goes wrong while playing, or do you just have a question? Then 7Reels Casino has great customer service that simply speaks Dutch . They are always friendly to you, and they can’t really understand anything (at least with me). It’s nice to know that there is always someone to turn to. Customer service is available every day (yes, even on weekends) from 10:00 to 01:00, so that’s a good amount of time!


7Reels Casino is highly recommended for Dutch casino players. You can go there to play many games, and the casino has nice bonuses and offers. This online casino certainly offers great potential in the future and could become a very popular Dutch online casino.


7Reels Casino – Free Spins Casino


In this review of 7Reels Casino, we would like to start by telling you what the biggest advantage of this casino is. It is because you can get free spins. Now it’s really nice that you can play the slots for free, and this bonus is better than when you get the welcome bonus. You can only get the welcome bonus once and the free spins you get as long as you are a customer. This is a great advantage and there are many players who like coming to this casino. This is partly because of the free spins, but also because this casino has a lot of fun games that are also easy to play. It is also a clean casino where you can play safely and securely.


7Reels Casino: Casino Transparency


What immediately catches your eye is the clarity of 7Reels Casino. The home page is very clearly laid out and gives you a good idea of the casino. You can sign up right away and it’s immediately clear that you can get free spins. You can also immediately see the total jackpot amount and find out who the last prize winner was. You can also immediately see a good overview of the casino games. This way you can see what the last game was and which slot machine you can get free spins on. At the bottom of the site is a panel where you can find almost all of the casino games.


If you want to know how the game is going or what it looks like, you don’t need to register or make a deposit first, but you can start playing right away. This gives you a good idea of the games and how well they are played. The site is very clear, and you’ll find your favorite game quickly. I also liked the game of the month because that’s how you get a good impression of the casino games right away. These are also always games that are definitely worth playing.

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